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ஏன் காந்தியை கொன்றேன் நான்? - கோட்சே

"Why I assasinated Mahatma Gandhi" - Nathuram Godse

Page No.2 :
On 12.1.1948 Gandhiji threatened the Government that until they reversed their aforesaid decision and paid the money to Pakistan, he would go on hunger strike.

3 - Nathuram Vinayak Godse and Narayan Dattatraya Apte were running a daily by the name 'Hindu Rashtra', which was old 'Agrani' but in a new grab.

25 - Born in devotional Brahmin family, I instinctively came to revere Hindu  religion, Hindu history and Hindu culture. I had been intensely proud of Hinduism as a whole.

26 - I used to take part in organized anti-caste dinners in which thousands of Hindus, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Chamars and Bhangis broke the caste rules and dined in the company of each other.

27 - I have worked for several years in R.S.S and subsequently joined the Hindu Mahashaba and volunteered myself to fight as a soldier under its pan-Hindu flag.

29 - It ( Hindu Mahasabha ) became quite incapable of Gandhite cabal on the one hand and the Muslim League on the other.

44 - He backed the Khilafat movement in this country and was able to enlist the full support of the National Congress in that policy.

 45 - By the Act of 1919 separate electorates were enlarged and communal representation was continued not merely in the legislature and the local bodies but even extended within the Cabinet. The services began to be distributed on communal basis and the Muslims obtained high jobs from our British Masters not on merit but by remaining aloof from struggle for freedom and because of their being follower of Islam. Government patronage to Muslims in the name of minority protection penetrated through-out body-politic of the Indian State and the Mahatma's meaningless slogans were no match against this wholesale corruption of the Muslim mind.

47 - On the other hand the Hindu Sabha realized that this was an opportunity for our young men to have a military training, which is absolutely essential for our nation, and from which we were rather kept far away intentionally by the British. But due to this war, the doors of army, Navy and Air-Force were opened to us, and Mahashaba urged our countrymen to militarize Hindus. The result was that nearly half a million Hindus learnt the art of war and mastered the mechanized aspect of modern warfare.

49 - The accumulating provocation of 32 years culminating in his last pro-muslim fast at last goaded me to the conclusion that the existence of Gandhiji should be brought to an end immediately. On coming back to India he developed a subjective mentality under which he alone was to be the final judge of what was right or wrong.

50 - No one single political victory can be claimed to his credit during 33 years of his political predominance.
     - Khilafat
52 - Moplah Rebellion - On the other hand he went to the length of denying the numerous cases of forcible conversions in Malabar and actually published in his paper 'Young India' that there was only one case of forcible conversion.
     -  Afghan Amir Intrigue

53 - Attack on Arya Samaj - Gandhiji ostentatiously displayed his love for Muslims by a most unworthy and unprovoked attack on the Arya Samaj in 1924. He publicly denounced the Samaj for its supposed sins of omission and commission; it was an utterly unwarranted reckless and discreditable attack, but whatever would please the Mohammedan was the heart's desire of Gandhiji.

57 - Not one of the decisions of the Round Table was conference was in support of democracy or nationalism and Mahatma went to the length of inviting Mr.Ramsay Mc-Donal to give what was called the Communal Award, thereby strengthening the disintegrating forces of communalism which had already corroded the body politic for 24 years past. The Mahatma was thus responsible for a direct and substantial intrusion of communal electorate and communal franchisee in the future Parliament of India.

57 - Those elected on the communal franchise, would be naturally communal minded and would have no interest in bridging the gulf between communalism and nationalism.

63 - Hindi versus Hindustani - Absurdly pro-Muslim policy of Gandhiji is nowhere more blatantly illustrated than in his perverse attitude on the question of National Language of India. By all the tests of a scientific knowledge, Hindi has the most prior claim to be accepted as the National Language of this country. In the beginning of his career in India, Gandhiji have a great impetus to Hindi but as he found that the Muslims did not like it, he became a turncoat and blossomed forth as the champion of what is called Hindustani. Every body in India knows that there is no language called Hindustani; it has no grammar; it has no vocabulary; it is mere a dialect; it is spoken but not written. It is a bastard tongue and a cross breed between Hindi and Urdu and not even the Mahatma's sophistry could make it popular; but in his desire to please the Muslims he insisted that Hindustani alone should be the national language of India. His blind supporters of course blindly supported him and the so-called hybrid tongue even began to be used. Words like 'Badshah Ram' and 'Begum Sita' were spoken and written, but the Mahatma never dared to speak of Mr.Jinnah as Shri Jinnah and Maulana Azad as Pandit Azad.

64 - The barest common sense should make it clear to the meanest intelligence that the language of 80 percent of the people must be the language of the country but his ostentatious support of ht Muslims made him look almost idiotic when he continued to stand for Hindustani.

65 - Vande Mataram Not to be Sung - The infatuation of Gandhiji for the Muslims and his incorrigible craving for Muslim leadership without any regard for right or wrong, for truth or justice, and in utter contempt of the sentiments of the hindu as a whole was the high water-mark of the Mahatmic benevolence. It is notorious that some Muslims disliked the celebrated song of 'Vande 'Mataram' and the Mahatma forthwith stopped its singing or recital wherever he could.

65 - It continued to be sung at all Congress and other national gatherings but as soon as one Muslim objected to it, Gandhiji utterly disregarded the national sentiment behind it and persuaded the Congress also not to insist upon the singing as the national song. We are now asked to adopt Rabindranath Tagore's 'Jana Gana Mana', as a substitute for 'Vande Mataram'. Could anything be more demoralizing or pitiful than this brazen-faced action against a song of world-wide fame? Simply because of one ignorant fanatic disliked it. The right way to proceed would have been to enlighten the ignorant and remove the prejudice, but that is a policy which during the thirty years of unbounded popularity and leadership Gandhiji could muster courage to try.

66 - Shiva Bavani Banned - Gandhiji banned the public recital or perusal of Shiva Bavani a beautiful collection of 52 verses by a Hindu poet in which he had extoled the great power of Shivaji and the protection which he brought to the Hindu community and the Hindu religion. The refrain of that collection says, "if there were no Shivaji, the entire country would have been converted to Islam".

Kashiji Ki Kala jati Mathura masjid hoti
Shivaji jo na hote to Sunnat hoti Sabki

This was the delight of millions of contemporary history and a beautiful piece of literature, but Gandhiji would have none of it. Hindu-Muslim unity indeed.

75 - Gandhiji on Cow slaughter - Gandhiji used to display a most vehement desire for the protection of the cow. But in fact he did no effort in that direction. On the contrary, in one of his post-prayer speeches, he has admitted his inability to support the demand for stopping cow-slaughter. An extract from his speech in this connection is reproduced below; ".... No law prohibiting cow-slaughter India can be enacted. How can I impose my will upon a person who does not wish voluntarily to abandon cow slaughter? India does not belong exclusively to the Hindus. Muslim, Parsees, Christians. All live here. The claim of the Hindus that India has become the land of the Hindus is totally incorrect. This land belongs to all who lives here. I know an orthodox Vaishnava hindu. He used to give beef soup to his child."

75 - Removal of Tri-colour flag - If any Hindu attached any importance to Shivaji's Hindu Flag, 'Bhagva Zenda' the flag which freed India from Muslim domination, it was considered communal.

75 -  When the Mahatma was touring Noahkali and Tipper in 1946 after the beastly outrages on the Hindus, the flag was flying on his temporary hut. But when a Muslim came there and objected to the presence of the flag on his head, Gandhiji quickly directed its removal. All the reverential sentiments of millions Congressmen towards that flag were affronted in a minute, because that would please an isolated Muslim fanatic and yet the great catholic Mahatma never got nearer to the so-called Hindu-Muslim unity.

77 - The history of the great effort on the part of the Indian people to overthrow the British yoke has been vividly described in the pages of Veer Savarkar's 'War of Independence- 1857'.

79 - It is  by no means clear that the 'Emden" incident on the Madras beach waas not due to the knowledge of the German Commander that India was seething with discontent.

88 - The real cause of the British leaving this country is threefold and it does not include the Gandhian method. The aforesaid triple forces are:-
      i) The movement of the Indian Revolutionaries right from 1857 to 1932.

     ii) This section was generally represented by late Lokmanya Tilak, Mr. N.C.Kelkar, Mr. C.R.Das,                                                  Mr.Vithhalbhai Patel brother of Hon'ble Sardar Patel, Pandit Malaviya, Parmanand and during last ten years by prominent Hindu Sabha leaders.

    iii) The advent of Labour Goverment and an overflow of Mr.Churchill, superimposed by the frightful economic conditions and the financial bankruptcy to which the war has reduced Britain.

92 - If all of us die with a smile on our lips, we shall enter a new life. We shall originate a new Hindustan.(6th April 1947)

92 - I still hold on to the belief one should stick to the place where we happen to give even if we are cruelly treated and even killed.Let us die if the people kill us; but we should die bravely with the name of god on our tongue.Even if our men are killed, why should we feel angry with anybody, you should realise that even if they are killed they have had a good and proper end.

95 - His politics was supported by old superstitious beliefs such as the power of the soul, the inner voice, the fast, the prayer, and the purity of mind.

98 - For the last four years, I had been working as the Editor of a daily newspaper and even before this period, I have spent most of my time in the service of the public.

100 - The Ganges has fallen from the Heavens on the head of Shiva, thence on the Himalayas, thence on the earth, and thence in the sea.In this manner, down and down she went and reached a very low stage.Truly it is said that indiscriminate persons deteriorate to the low position in a hundred ways.

102 - I am one of those volunteers of Maharashtra who joined Sangha in its initial stage.

110 - Sir Shanmukham Chetty

112- It will be remembered that at Kanpur, Ganesh Shanker Vidyarthi fell a victim to the murderous assault by the Muslims of the place on him.

115 - So strong was the impulse of my mind that I felt that this man should not be allowed to meet a natural death so that the world may know that he had to pay the penalty of his life for his unjust, anti-national and dangerous favouritism towards a fanatical section of the country.

115 - I do say that I had no respect for the present Government owing to their policy which of unfairly favourable towards the Muslims.

126 - It was from Shri Ramdas Gandhi one of the sons of Gandhiji. The letter reads:

131 - O, Achyuta, because of your favour my ignorance has disappeared. I have regained normalcy. I am herewith all doubts resolved.I will do what you say.

132 - And another reason is that I shall perhaps have to speak some bitter truth in our conversation.Atleast according to my belief, it will be truth and it will be bitter.

134 -

138 - Karkare, Madan Lal and I went to see Nathuram and Nana once again.We recited some chapters from the Bhagwat geetha, particularly the II,XI and the XVIII which Nathuram liked most.

138 - A copy of Bhagwat Geetha

139 - Naaste Sada Vatsale matribhume
        Twaya Hindubhume Sukham Vardhitotham
        Mahanmangale Punyabhume Twadarthe
        Patatwesh Kayo Namaste, Namaste!
        Vande Mataram

139 - Bow to thee, O, Living Motherland, forever!
        Brought up ny thee am I in happiness,
        O, Land of the Hindus!
        O, most sacred and holy land, for thy sake
        May this body fall! Bow to thee, Bow to Thee,forever and ever!
        Vande Mataram

141 - He hailed from Chitpavan brahmin community.

141 -

142 - While at Lonavla, a child fell into a well and its mother and other women around raised a hue and cry.At that time Nathuram and one of his friends were passing by the well.The well had steps. The child was not drowned. So Nathuram immediately jumped into the well, took up the child and climbed the steps up.

142 - The child that was saved was a Mahar by caste, said by some to be an untouchable.Whatever might have been the reasons whch led him to join whole-heartedly the campaign against casteism this must have been one of them.

143 - His series of articles named 'Mazi Janamthep' (My transportation of life) was then published but in book form it was later banned and confiscated.

142 - The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (R.S.S) started by its founder Dr.Hedgewar, with the intention to organise the hindus, was fast gaining popularity.Nathuram had come to know about this organization.

145 - It should suffice to say for the present that Nathuram had wholly devoted himself to the work of Hindu-sangathan i.e. bringing about the solidarity of the hindus.

145 - Nathuram could play ably on the harmonium.He played equally well on the flute.

150 - In the next split second the shots were fired. Weak as he already was, Gandhiji collapsed almost instantly on the ground,with the faintest 'Ah' which arose from deep down his lungs.

150 - The words 'Hey Ram,Hey Ram and Hey Ram' were a fiction of the imagination of the then Government and attributed to him in order to gain the Hindu sentiment.

156 - Shri Shreeprakash was the then High Commissioner in Pakistan, who complained with tears in his voice that the Government of Pakistan didnt allow the immersion of Gandhi's ashes into the river Indus.But the immersion of Gandhi's ashes into the river indus was purely a matter of sentiment - and more particularly a matter of Hindu sentiment. How could they then tolerate the holy water of a holy river in their holy land to be polluted by the ashes of a Hindu?

156 - If you believe in the immortality of the soul,then you are and will remain Soubhagyavati even after my death! Move about in the society wearing your external symbols of your soubhagya.

157 - expired of heart attack

158 - I was a volunteer of R.S.S the hindu organisation.Simultaneously I worked for Hindu Mahasabha as well, but without enrolling myself as a member.

160 - Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was born on 28.5.1883 at Bhagoor, a village near Nasik a district town in Maharashtra

161 - In India, Anant Kanhere, a 17 years old boy, assassinated the collector of Nasik, Mr Jackson on 22nd December 1909.Savarkar was arrested in London on 13.3.1910 and brought to India to face trial for this case.On the way, at Marseilles in France, Savarkar jumped from the ship and went to the shore but he was apprehended and taken back to the ship.

162 - Savarkar was transported to Andamans (Kala Pani) in1.7.1911 where he remained for ten years.In May 1921 Vinayak was brought back and lodged in Yeravada (Pune) jail for three years.On 6.1.1924 Vinayak was shifted to Ratnagiri and lodged there with some restrictions until 1937 when he was finally released.

163 - On 15 August 1947 independence was achieved. To acknowledge this  victory Veer Savarkar hoisted the pan- Hindu Flag of the Hindu maha Sabha at the top of his house and also the accepted national flag with three colours and Ashol chakra at its centre.

163 - Veer Savarkar had desired that since the hindus were being thrown out of the territory now known as Pakistan, the muslims from the rest of India should not be prevented from going to Pakistan which was their own creation.

164 - After the assassination, which was over five months after independence, they were quick to gauge the general hindu sentiment, so they had to proceed about their task to ensure their survival with a little more care, and for that two things were considered by them as necessary to :
  i) divide the hindus on caste lines
 ii) appease the muslims.

166 - surrender to nature

170 - Remission for the extra work we had put in from time to time and whenever we had been offered an option of preferring money or remission we had invariably opted for remission.

170 - Twice i donated blood and asked for remission.

172 - I sent my first petition to the supreme court

172 - During the 7 years from December 1957 to August 1964 I made not less than 22 petitions to the supreme court.

173 - I decided to approach the supreme court once again

173 - has a lie convict to die in prison under the Indian Law?

175 - breathed the first dough of free air

177 - Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha

185 - Every year on November 15, a gathering is held at pune residence of the author to reaffirm the ultimate wish in Nathuram's will ' to immerse the ashes in the river Sindhu only when she flows back freely into Akhand bharat. The reaffirming is done in many other cities.

186 - The river Indus (Sindhu), on the banks of which our pre-historic Rishis composed the vedas is the boundary of our Bharatvarsha i.e. Hindustan. my ashes may be sunk in the holy sindhu river when she will again flow freely under the aegis of the flag of Hindusthan. that will be the sacred day for us.

186 - I have donated Rs.101/- on this day for its utilisation for the dome (kalasha) of the sacred somnath temple which is under construction.


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